No, we are a cage free salon. We don’t put any dogs in any crates, ever. When they arrive they will either go straight to the tub, or straight on a table to begin their spa day. We believe that putting your dog in a cage to dry would just add stress to an already stressful situation, so we decided to exclusively hand dry our clients. In cases where a cage dryer might be an easy solution for other groomers, for example with smaller dogs, older dogs, or puppies, we instead use the “snuggle dry” method. This just means that we lower the setting on the high velocity dryer while letting the dog lean, or snuggle right into us. It may take a little extra time, but that’s the level of care you can expect here.

Actually, yes. We’ve become quite skilled in accommodating special needs pups. Whether it’s a scared new rescue, an aggressive or reactive dog, or a dog with a disability, our team is able to adapt and give the best possible care that is needed. Our list of special needs clients just keeps growing and nothing makes me more proud than to be trusted with the most challenging cases.

No. We don’t allow the dogs interact with each other. I do believe that socializing your dog is a very important responsibility as a pet owner, I don’t believe that it’s something we should force upon them during an already stressful time like being at the groomers. The salon can be uncomfortable and stressful experience for them. Try as we might, they just don’t like it. Putting them in a situation that makes them feel even more vulnerable by allowing them to be confronted with unwanted attention from a dog they don’t know who is also probably just as nervous just isn’t fair. We want them to love and trust us, we want them to know we won’t put them in a position that they can’t handle. The idea of several dogs that are already on high alert, nervous and scared feeling obligated to protect themselves is potentially a dangerous disaster waiting to happen that we want no part of. We’ll leave the socialization to you guys, we’ll just keep them close at our sides seeing each other from across the room. You can be rest assured that your dog will be safe and cared for by one of us the entire time.


No. We will not shave a natural coated dog. There are two exceptions to this rule:

1) Your natural coated dog is matted and we can’t brush through him. To avoid possible skin infection and to alleviate your dog’s discomfort we will shave him. 

2) Your natural coated dog has a health condition that your vet has advised would be better handled if his hair was short. we will require proof from your vet of this condition. Our main concern is the health, safety and comfort of your pet.

Here at Bloomingtails we prefer not to shave your dog if we can help it. In some cases, a dog’s coat can get so tangled that it’s not possible to safely brush through, leaving the groomer with no choice but to shave the hair off. The length of the haircut will depend on how much space there is between the matt and the skin’s surface. Matts usually tend to be very close to the skin, making the cut shorter than you may like. The only way to avoid this from happening again is to brush your dog regularly and have them groomed every 6-8 weeks.

Excessive de-matting can be uncomfortable for your pet. We are only interested in the well being of your furry family member above all else, we will not attempt to de-matt excessive matting. We will assess each case individually and discuss options with you. We NEVER shave a dog without consulting you first. We will come up with the best plan together.


You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.


We follow the "Early and Often" rule in order to get them used to the process. Often we recommend a “puppy’s first visit” package which is a bath and tidy on their face, feet and sanitary area for their first visit. This option helps them to get used to the sounds, and feelings associated with being here. We recommend bringing them back within 2 weeks for their first full haircut.

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