Royal Canin Mature 8+ Loaf Dog

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Some older dogs may have a fussy appetite due to a declining sense of smell and taste along with sensitive teeth and gums, making it difficult to chew their food. Mature 8+ is formulated with an exclusive combination of natural flavors and aromas in addition to being soft and easy to chew to help stimulate the appetite of the small older dog.

As dogs age, they require increased nutritional support to help promote optimal health. Mature 8+’s unique combination of antioxidants, including vitamins E and C, lutein and taurine, help support cellular health. Anti-inflammatory omega 3s (EPA and DHA) help limit inflammation at the joints and other sensitive areas.

Declining kidney function is a common issue that affects older dogs. Mature 8+ helps to support healthy kidney function through controlled levels of phosphorus along with omega 3s (EPA and DHA) to help support kidney filtration.

100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition

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