Soos Anti-Itch Shampoo For Dogs and Cats

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If left untreated itching can lead to irritation discomfort skin breakage and even infection. Heed the warning signs and stop your pet from scratching now. Soos Natural Anti-Itch Shampoo combines all of the exclusive benefits of Dead Sea minerals with the natural antioxidant antiseptic and antibacterial properties of coconut oil green tea rosemary chamomile tea tree oil and vitamin E to moisturize your pet's coat and skin while eliminating dryness and itching. Our natural ingredient formula will immediately soothe discomfort and continue to fight itching long after the shampoo is rinsed off.

  • Soothes intense itching with Dead Sea minerals zinc green tea chamomile and tea tree oil

  • Nourishes skin and coat with vitamins minerals and essential oils

  • Made with natural antioxidants antiseptics & antibacterials

  • Penetrates hair and skin to deeply hydrate

  • Cleans fur without stripping natural oils

  • Paraben and SLS (Sulphate) free

  • Minimum 10:1 concentrated

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