Chuckit! Floppy Tug Dog Toy

Size: Small
Sale price$21.99


Chuckit! Floppy Tug Toys For Dogs is the perfect way to uplevel their game of tug of war with you. They’ll love that they can play with you by tugging and pulling at a toy that can be tossed and thrown long distances too. This entertaining toy was crafted to be able to twist into different shapes to keep it fun and different every time you play. Did you know that even your neighbors and friends can join in on the fun by playing tug-of-war in a 3-way? There are multiple ways to innovate your pup keeping you in the loop of excitement as well.

Chuckit! Floppy Tug Toys For Dogs has a distinctive shape that appeals to your pup and has a coiled spring that expands and contracts when tugging. The material is soft, plush, and durable enough to last in a dog’s grip. 

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