Dr. Maggie Intesti Care For Dogs and Cats

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An Easier Dewormer for Dogs and Cats

Intesti Care is a daily nutritional supplement that helps to prevent an infestation from forming. Intesti Care takes the guess work out of your pet’s deworming schedule.

  • Herbal, non-toxic alternative to deworming drugs
  • No bitter taste to tip off picky cats
  • Doubles as a mineral-rich supplement and naturally supports joint health
  • Herbs target different life cycles of parasites to provide daily relief from pests
  • Perfect for pets prone to parasites (farm animals, little hunters, scavengers)
  • Naturally toxic to worms and other digestive parasites but harmless for pets

Try our One & Done method!

  • Just add NaturPet Intesti Care to your bag of food, mix and you’re done! The food absorbs the Intesti Care after only a few hours! Just remember to order another one before the next bag of food!

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