Soos Waterless Bath Mousse

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Whether your cat, dog or small animal hates bath time or your pet needs a quick “freshen up” between wet washes, Soos™ Natural Waterless Pet Bath Mousse combines all of the exclusive benefits of Dead Sea minerals with botanicals and essential oils like chamomile, sweet marjoram, and Vitamin C to gently clean, calm, cleanse and disinfect your pet’s skin and coat. Our gentle hypoallergenic formula won’t irritate pets with chronic skin conditions, skin sensitivities or allergies.  

• Hypoallergenic
• No rinse, no water required
• Disinfects & cleans, doesn’t just mask odours
• Perfect for year round use
• Great for spot treatment between washes
• Cleans dirty paws in a pinch
• Use anytime, anywhere - compact, portable size is perfect to take along on walks
• Penetrates, softens, hydrates and protects hair
• Light weight, non-greasy formula
• Provides smoothness, shine, volume, conditioning, strength, thickness, and polish
• Fortified with Dead Sea minerals, sweet marjoram, Vitamin C and chamomile.
• Nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils
• Boosts immunity
• Draws out toxins and impurities
• Cleans fur without stripping natural oils
• Paraben and SLS (Sulphate) free
• Minimum 2x concentrated
• Safe and great for use on humans and animals

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